Raymond Dit Carignan
A family history
                       History of the Surname 
The surname Carignan is believed to have come from the military regiment
known as "Carignan - Salieres".  This was an army formed by Thomas Francois
De Savoie, the Prince of Carignan, Spain.   This regiment was an army for hire
and eventually was hired by King Louis XIV of France for the protection of his
colonists in "New France" other wise known as Quebec.  
These men were handpicked by the Prince of Carignan and had just defeated the Turks in south West Europe.   Who better to travel to the new world and defend their fellow countrymen.  By the time the Carignan Salieres traveled to the new world the regiment was 90% French through enlistment. 
The purpose of this army coming to Canada was to defend the Colonists from the all mighty Iroquois.  I call them that because the did quit a number on the French Cononists.  Slaughtering many of the French in the power struggle between the Algonquins and the Hurons which the French had build a good business relationship with thew the fur trade.  The Iroquois had a alliance with the English so there was no  other way to solve this problem then by sending for protection from France.  The Carignans reached Quebec on June 30, 1665. By August there were over 1,200 soilders on Canadian soil.
The Carignans were successful and they did eventually defeat the Iroquois and establish a fortified city.
The rigiment was ordered back to France but many of the soilders decided to stay in New France and take their own peice of the New World. 
Soon after King Louis XIV sent about 400 single young women to New France called "Filles du Roi". or "the Kings daughters".    Many of Canada's french can trace the roots back to these 400 women.  This is French innovation.  You can't have a strong colony with out women to procreate.   Imagine the bravery of these women given the danger that lerked in the Canadian wilderness.  For one thing Iroquois have been know to capture and eat french colonists.   

                            How did  this become a family name?

It was Francois the First (12 September 1494 – 31 March 1547) that decided that french people should have a family name.  Although this did not catch on very quickly, people did eventaully comply. The French people were unsure about this and names changed often due to their indecisiveness.   Corporal Besnard Dit Carignan was the first in our family to take on Carignan.  As I stated he was a Corporal in the Carignan regiment and many of these men took on the name of their regiment as an addition to their family name.   This was to represent that he was part of this prestigious military outfit.  It was his daughters child Louis Bourbeau, son of Pierre Bourbeau that decided to take on "Dit Carignan" to honor his matuernal grandfather.  Louis was born January 26, 1693 in  Quebec. 
This is why I have named this website "Raymond Dit Carignan".  My last name is Raymond, but in honor of our ancestors I named the site after my last name Raymond... Dit Carignan.  I also label my wine Raymond Dit Carignan.  The use of "Dit" I believe is more of a formal on docments.  "Dit" means "called" so, Louis Boubeau was his formal name, and Lous Carignan was his prefered name. 
        Louis Bourbeau Dit Carignan was the first in our family to use this name in Quebec.  Corporal Besnard died in La Rochelle France.   For several generations our family used "Dit Carignan", but in 1834 Jean Baptiste Bourbeau Dit Carignan and marie Deshais Tourigny had a child Caliste Carignan.  He went on in life as just that... Caliste Carignan.   My grandmother found this interesting that she could have been a Bourbeau, not a Carignan.  From her response it appeared she is happy the way it turned out.  In 1888 Albert Jacques Carignan  was born to Caliste and Elise St Martin.

Note : It was eventually required of French Canadians to shorten their names due to their extensiveness. 
Example..Jean-Baptiste Bourbeau Dit Carignan.
                    Stories from memere
After speaking to My Memere Laura May Bacak(Carignan) she told me that her grandmother Marie Louise Miller(Courtot) died of Phnemonia due to having to cut wood for her "do nothing" husband.  This is why Memere Bacaks mother Esther grew up in an orphanage and learned Parisienne french there.
Laura said that she thought that Esthers mother had English blood, but during my research I found that Esthers grandfather come from France to Vermont.  Esthers father Charles Henry Miller on the other hand, may have had English blood.   The only documentaion I found on him was a birth record of a Charles Henry Miller born in English Canada.  There is also native american blood in our family too so maybe Charles was half native as well.  This is just a hunch... Although my mother has seen a photo a an indain woman on her wedding day dressed in native dress.  As of now I di not know.
 Carignan Family Tree
The following tree is the predigree line of the Carignan(Bourbeau)  family. It starts in the  present  and back in time due to current research still under way.

                                                          Ronald,Susan,Joan,Donna,Rita Dale

                                                            Mother                             Father
                                                        Laura May Carignan         Lewis Bacak
                                                         May 4, 1925                  July 24, 1915
                                                           Millbury Ma                      Dallas Tx

                                                            Mother                             Father
                                                         Esther Miller                Albert Carignan
                                                      August 26, 1893          September 8,1888
                                                     St Victoire,Quebec      St Victoire, Quebec
                                                           Mother                             Father
                                                    Elie St Martin                 Caliste Carignan
                                                          1849                                  1884  
                                                     Quebec, Canada       Quebec, Canada   
                                                           Mother                             Father
                                                       Marie Deshais               Jean Baptiste 
                                                      Tourigny               Bourbeau Dit Carignan
                                                           1801                               1799
                                                     Quebec, Canada         Quebec, Canada


   The arrival of the Carignan    Regiment
La Rochelle France
 Albert Jacques Carignan and Esther 
 Miller Carignan with son Raymond.
A few notes on the carignan/Miller family
- Esther Millers maternal grandfather Louis Courtot came to the US from La Rochelle France.  This is interesting because most french that immigrated into the US came here from Canada

- My great grandfather Albert Jacques Carignan's world war II draft card staights that he lived at 683 North main street in Norwich.  Currently there is no such address but it is next door to address 685 the "Old Mill Tavern".  Many photos taken around 1930 seem to be taken infront of the tavern. 

The video above is from a series of "History of Quebec".  This particular video is based on the fall of the Huron and the arrival of the Carignan-salieres in 1664. 
The United States is the true melting pot.  A haven for those seeking
freedom and liberty.  Many of the people that arrived here came in
search of a better life.  How ever, sometimes their origins are forgotten. 
the fact is unless your a first, second or maybe third generation you
probably don't know where your ancestors came from.  My family
believes themselves to be american, but french canadian.  My mission
was to explore beyond that.  The origins of my french canadian
family.  The following pages are a chronicle of my ancestors both maternal, and paternal.
   The origins of
  in New England

              Jean Baptiste Bourbeau Carignan

          Mother                                      Father
Marie Anne Beauchesne   Pierre Bourbeau Carignan
Quebec   1-16-1770                     Quebec.  1770
                    no death records for both
                    Pierre bourbeau Carignan
          Mother                                      Father
Marie Louise Genest       Francois Bourbeau Carignan
Tilly,Quebec. 8-24-1719         Quebec. 8-18-1724
Quebec, 11-1-1770                Quebec. 9-8-1788

                     Francois Beourbeau Carignan
          Mother                                      Father
Marguerite Boissel              Louis Bourbeau Carignan
Montmagny, Qu. 1698      Cap de la Medeleine 1-6-1691

                       Louis bourbeau Carignan
          Mother                                      Father
Marie Anne Besnard          Pierre Bourbeau Dit Lacourse
Trois Rivieres,11-24-1661         La Rochelle, France 1663
Yamaska. 5-11-1719               Becanour, Qu   11-18-1710 

                       Pierre Bourbeau Dit Lacourse
          Mother                                      Father
      Marie Noiron                           Elie Bourbeau
      France. 1609            Pays de la Loire, France 1599
      France. 1674                 La Rochelle, France. 1661

                                Elie Bourbeau
            Mother                                    Father
Catherine Mabye                         Jean bourbeau
La Rochelle. 1549                        La Rochelle. 1545
La Rochelle. 1617                        La Rochelle. 1623

                                 Jean Bourbeau
                                       son of
                               Joseph Bourbeau
                        born in Poitier France 1500
                    died in La Rochelle France 1575

Esther Miller Carignan and her children in about1924.
Hector, Rita, Anna, Evelyn, Laura(my memere), and "Pa" Albert Jacques Carignan is cut off the picture.
Albert Jacques Carignan and his brother William.
Bacak/Carignan    Raymond/Depres